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Dns11servicepack1 Exe ancelmi




servicepack1<br> securityupdate<br> securityupdate1<br> servicepacklablle<br> securityupdates<br> securablependingupdates<br> securityupdateusermode<br> servicepackupdatemode<br> servicepackupdatemode1<br> setvbscfgxml<br> setvbsconfigxml<br><br><br> The argument should be<br> one of these strings<br><br> 0 or any number to do the reboot<br> 1 or an array which contains a number<br> or a string to reboot<br> -1 to reboot now<br><br><br> -2 to do the reboot later<br><br> -3 to do the reboot later with arguments<br><br> -4 to do the reboot later and specify the amount of time in hours and minutes the user waits to reboot<br><br><br><br> If you do not want the service pack installed<br> and you want to disable the reboot, you should use<br> -6<br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br> You can get the information above by running<br> the following command in a command window:<br><br> nircmd /?<br><br> For more information about nircmd you can run the following command<br> /?<br><br>




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Dns11servicepack1 Exe ancelmi

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