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The Internet of Things (IoT) – ALECAIA Newsletter

IoT se traduce uzual în Internetul Lucrurilor:

Internetul lucrurilor (Internet of Things – IoT) este o tehnologie în curs de dezvoltare, care tinde spre a face parte din viaţa cotidiană din ce în ce mai mult. Multiplele aspecte ale IoT, precum şi numărul din ce în ce mare de dispozitive, tehnologii şi platforme în acest domeniu, au condus ca IoT să fie o tehnologie extinsă în multe domenii. Internetul lucrurilor reprezintă o tehnologie ce va permite intrarea într-o nouă eră economică pentru întregul glob. IoT este un concept care defineşte o lume în care toate obiectele (maşini, electrocasnice, sisteme de iluminat, dispozitive mobile, portabile etc.) sunt conectate între ele prin intermediul Internetului. SAVU, Daniel, Mihaela TOMESCU, and Lidia BĂJENARU. „INTERNETUL LUCRURILOR–O NOUĂ PARADIGMĂ A CONECTĂRII ÎN INTERNET.” Revista Română de Informatică şi Automatică 27.1 (2017): 5-14.

Acest newsletter ALECAIA punctează utilizările comune ale tehnologiei IoT în tehnologia agricolă 4.0. Avantajele principale produse de aceste tehnologii sunt:

  • monitorizarea puternică, la orice scară, în câmp prin rețele de senzori, permițând un management adaptiv și cu reacție rapidă

  • distribuție și logistică mai bine optimizată pentru a reduce risipa alimentară și a vinde produse în condiții de piață favorabile

Alecaia’s newsletters are intended to present new (digital) technologies and other innovations applicable in Agriculture and adjacent businesses and inform about its projects.

The Internet of Things (IoT) describes the network of physical objects – “things” – that are embedded with sensors, software, and other technologies for the purpose of connecting and exchanging data with other devices and systems over the internet. These devices range from ordinary household objects to sophisticated industrial tools. With more than 7 billion connected IoT devices today, experts are expecting this number to grow to 22 billion by 2025. (Oracle)

IoT in Food, Agritech & Commodity Trade

According to Ernest & Young IoT in agriculture will be a key enabler in making new business models a reality. As numerous devices and systems throughout a farm are harmonised to monitor crop health, inventory, and the communication of daily farm activities, ag retail will continue to find new and innovative service offerings.

The commodity trade sector is also likely to increase the use of IoT as it can help with assessing supply and demand in a new manner, whereby levels of stocks and other crucial information can be reported in real-time. Various technologies such as weather drones and satellite images can help companies to get a better grip on the whereabouts of their goods and identify problems quicker allowing to take corrective measures more rapidly. This leads to a better service to the customers and can be a competitive advantage.

Weather data can help food commodity companies assess the ideal conditions for growing and harvesting plants. It can also be a safety tool for industrial producers. IoT uses real-time and historical data to reflect a more precise picture of the underlying situation and reduces risks by assessing customer buying patterns and anticipating changes in demand. Machines and software use data analysis to predict customer demands and develop a strategy to supply the commodity to the appropriate locations.

Big data used in IoT works on a global and local scale.

In transportation, setting up sensors expedites the process and reduces the risk of late deliveries. It helps to gain visibility, thus contributing to new opportunities and providing a better customer experience.

Technological advances in IoT provide an opportunity to expand into new markets as the data obtained allows a company to identify potential markets with limited competition for a market. By analysing data and adding local market intelligence, companies can use that as a basis to decide whether to expand into new markets and new products.

See Your Box

See Your Box is an Italian-Swiss Start-up founded in 2014. Their digital platform monitors products all along the supply chain collecting smart data for business clients. IoT is the key for data-driven supply chain management from the raw material to production to transport to retail and finally the consumer. See Your Box interconnects data across the whole supply chain, provides transparency and harvests a massive quantity of smart data.

The opportunity of the IoT market is estimated at 2.2 – 6.7 trillion USD. Every day 46 million tons of goods are moved in Europe alone. Past solutions such as Bluetooth, Near Field Communication (NFC), Bar Code etc. have high infrastructure costs, do not provide real time information, and have other drawbacks.

See Your Box developed a proprietary modular solution allowing full control of critical components such as advanced encryption, integrated sensors, back-up, dedicated server, cloud architecture etc. This allows for scalability, fast implementation, and customisation in real-time, simple, smart and secure.

For any product 60+ parameters can be defined including weather, traffic, movement, geo-fence, crash (for delicate cargo), impact/light/sound profile, microphone, airport mode, battery, pressure, humidity, temperature, acceleration and location.

In case of interest, questions or comments, please reach out.

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